Man Surprises His Single Mom With Custom-Built Home to Say 'Thank You'

Real estate agent Josh DeShong said he purchased a condemned home last year, and spent all year fixing it up as a gift for his mom.

A Texas man has surprised his mother with a brand new house, a tremendous show of gratitude for the woman who raised him well despite the challenges of being a single parent.

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“It was always a dream of mine to take care of her like she’s been able to take care of me," said Josh DeShong, of Dallas. "What bigger gift could you give somebody than a roof over their head?"

Last month, DeShong, who owns real estate companies, took his mom Vickie Reynolds on a tour of a brand now home. As she admired the granite countertops, he told her the home was hers.

"You know how to get to me, don’t you," Reynolds said through tears in a video shared by Caters News.

DeShong told his mom had been living in Plano in the past, but wanted to move to be closer to his 4-year-old daughter, Harper.

When he spotted a hoarder home on the market, he knew he could renovate it into her dream house.

"The city condemned the house," DeShong said. "There was floor-to-ceiling black mold everywhere, it needed new wiring, new plumbing. It was way worse than I anticipated. I should have just knocked it down."

But, to his advantage, DeShong said he was able to redo the home and customize it to designs he knew his mother would like.

"She knew about the house but she didn’t know it was going to be hers," he explained. "I started picking out materials six or seven months ago, and I was putting really nice materials in there. She was like, 'I don’t know why you’re putting that in there.'"

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It was clear Reynolds appreciated the effort when she moved into her brand new home last month, located only about 10 minutes away from her son and granddaughter.

"She loves it," DeShong said.

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