Cops Called After Teen Is Duct-Taped to Traffic Sign Because He Lost Bet on NBA Game

Miguel Chavez turned out to be a willing participant, but cops were briefly alarmed.

Cops in Texas were called to the side of a highway this week after responding to a report of a man taped to an intersection traffic sign, a peculiar sight that was reportedly motivated by a bet.

Right as police approached the man, suspended fully off the ground by quite a bit of duct tape, another man who was reportedly carrying a knife approached.

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"Drop the knife or I’ll Tase you," one officer reportedly shouted.

As it turned out, though, the knife-wielding subject was the taped up teen's friend, who was there to cut him down.

He may have helped tape him up, since the man, Miguel Chavez, was there willingly, having lost a bet over the Rockets and Warriors NBA game that was held Tuesday.

"I went with the Rockets," 17-year-old Chavez told "I was at McDonalds eating. I lost. My friend said it was time 'I pay up your bet [and] I have an idea.' He got there with four rolls of duct tape."

Chavez said his friends had a coin toss to decide exactly what they would tape him to.

"Heads was taped to pole and tails was taped to a car. Boom, it hit heads," he said.

After his friends put all those rolls of tape to use, Chavez gamely hung there and played along as his very amused friends shouted from their car window, "Hey what happened, sir?"

"I lost a bet," Chavez replied.

Chavez was still happy to play along afterwards when he posted video of the prank to his Instagram page.

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And, according to the post, this has even happened before. "Once again lost a mf bet," he wrote.

Luckily for everyone involved, Chavez's friends explained to officers what had happened and cops helped Chavez down before giving him a lift home.

"They took me to my apartment," he told "They guessed it. 'A bunch of pranksters huh?' They laughed at it.

Chavez added: "I didn’t get in trouble. They weren't concerned."

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