Horrific Video Shows Violent Burglars Storming Into Bathroom Where Woman Was Hiding

The thieves assaulted the victim and stole jewelry from around her neck.

Police are on the hunt for two burglars who drove absolute terror into a Washington woman after they broke into her home Wednesday.

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The victim hid inside the bathroom, quivering with fear inside the shower as the two burglars violently kicked down the front door of the Everett residence.

They eventually made their way to the bathroom where she is hiding and kicked in that door as well. 

But little do they know, the entire home invasion and ransacking of the bedroom is being recorded by a surveillance camera.

In video of the ordeal, the burglars can be heard screaming: “She's in the shower. Watch out! Where's it at? Where's it at? We won't hurt you."

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Would you know what to do in such a frightening situation?

Security expert Steve Kardian suggested to Inside Edition having a safe room, like a bathroom, in the house, stashing a phone in there and having a safety bar to place underneath the door knob.

The device creates a strong brace, making the door harder to open. He says the safety bar "will save your life."

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