Comedian Mike Epps Blasted for Bringing Live Kangaroo Onstage During Show

The marsupial appeared to be terrified as it was brought on stage.

Actor and comedian Mike Epps is the subject of social media backlash after bringing a kangaroo onstage during a show Friday in Detroit.

The Hangover star appears to taunt the frightened-looking marsupial as it’s led around the stage and held by an animal handler.

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"I don’t think Mike Epps playing with that kangaroo last night was funny at all," one tweet said. "Terrorizing animals onstage is NOT entertainment," read another.

On Sunday, Epps said he was sorry.

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“Look I wanna sincerely apologize to everybody,” he wrote on his Instagram account.  "I don’t own the kangaroo and not mean any harm to the animal. It got out of hand and I am sorry!”

He said he was going to make a donation to a kangaroo protection organization. The kangaroo was not harmed. 

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