Mama Swoon! 'Honey Boo Boo' Reality Star Finally Reveals Her Slimmed Down Look

The transformation is nothing short of astonishing.

Mama June has finally revealed her new slimmed down look, which has left everyone wondering whether she can keep the weight off.

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Photographers caught up with the reality TV star outside her Georgia home after she had been holed up at a secret location until the WE channel aired her big transformation.

As the paparazzi asked if she missed certain foods, the matriarch replied, "Fried chicken." She added that "it feels really good" to get the weight off.

The drastic weight loss left viewers and the media shocked. Some headlines included: "Mama June Unrecognizable," with some calling her a "knockout."

Now, Honey Boo Boo's mom faces a challenge — keeping the weight off.

TV's Dr. Oz told Inside Edition that Mama June will have to make permanent changes in her lifestyle if she wants to maintain a healthy weight.

"You can’t go back to your old habits," he said. "You fail with these operations because you develop new habits that are just as maladaptive as the old ones." 

Her show, From Not to Hot, followed June as she underwent gastric sleeve surgery.

"If you don’t deal with the emotional reasons you gained weight in the first place, you will often regain the weight," Dr. Oz said. "Mama June’s chance of doing well is two to three times higher than it would have been had she not had this operation. It is not a cure-all but it has a darn good chance of success." 

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In addition to the weight-loss surgery, Mama June had a tummy tuck and breast lift. She also had excess skin removed from her neck and under the arms.

Mama June is not saying how much weight she lost. She was once a size 24, but is reportedly now down to a size four.

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