Meet the Seventh Grader Who Has a Perfect NCAA Bracket - After Never Filling One Out Before

She has picked North Carolina to win it all.

March Madness has been a rollercoaster ride for fans and players as an unusual amount of upsets led to millions of busted brackets, but one seventh grader has correctly predicted the last two teams standing.

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Sasha Anderson, 12, of North Carolina, filled out an NCAA bracket for the first time this year, and is so far yet to be wrong, predicting the final matchup: The University of North Carolina Tar Heels vs. the Gonzaga University Bulldogs.

She picked the teams based on their rankings and how many games they had won and lost. Then she guessed where they would go from there.

Anderson admits she was "lucky" to predict her correct bracket. 

It started when her math teacher, Denzelle Lawson, had his class in Charlotte, N.C., fill out brackets for a competition he organized and a fun way for the students to learn about colleges they might want to attend.

"March, April, May is testing season, I wanted them to be focused on something else and get them interested in colleges," Lawson told Inside Edition. 

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He then posted the brackets on the bulletin board outside his classroom at Mountain Island Lake Academy and saw that only one was correct — Anderson’s.

The men's final is Monday night. Anderson has predicted that her beloved Tar Heels will win it all.

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