Sweden on Edge Following Beer Truck Terror Attack: 'The Mood Is Very Somber'

Shoppers in Stockholm had to run for their lives as the truck barreled into people and a department store.

Sweden and its neighbors around the world are reeling after Friday’s terror attack in Stockholm, with one local resident describing a city frozen in shock.

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A maniac hijacked a giant truck and rammed it straight into a major department store. Three people were killed in the attack and nine others were injured, authorities said.

Swedish police say the suspect is still at large.

Swedish citizen Sean Skantze spoke told Inside Edition that residents of Stockholm have been struck by the attack.

"The mood is very somber, there is a lot of people walking on the streets trying to get home because the traffic is totally still and they shut down the subway," he said. "People on the streets [are] very quiet [and in] a very weird mood that I have not experienced here at all – ever." 

Spendrups, the company that owns the beer truck used in the attack, said the vehicle had been hijacked earlier in the day as its driver was making deliveries.

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The outrage follows similar ISIS-inspired attacks through European cities like London, Berlin and Nice, when vehicles were used as weapons of terror.

"It is really hard to detect someone who is going to drive a truck into a crowd of people," Security expert Robert Strang told Inside Edition. "So it really is worrisome and that is why intelligence is so important." 

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