Surveillance Video Captures Clumsy Robber Dropping Huge Stash of Bills

Police need the public's help in identifying a clumsy robber.

Don’t rob a bank in the rain. The cash gets all slippery.

Pennsylvania police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a man who robbed a credit union in Springettsbury Township and made his getaway on a bicycle.

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His escape, however, was hampered by soggy weather.

Surveillance video shows him pedaling down a sidewalk, trailed by a flurry of bills. It takes a few moments for him to realize he's just dumped his loot.

Eventually, he puts down the bike, trots back up the street and starts picking up the money as it gets soaked by a gentle rain and begins sticking to the pavement.

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He looks furtively around, trying to quickly gather the waterlogged stash of cash. Finally, he gives up, leaving a slew of bills plastered to the concrete.

He stuffs the sodden lump of currency into his pants pocket, climbs aboard the bike and takes off.

Police said they released video of last week’s robbery hoping someone would recognize the man.

Authorities did not say how much money the robber took. Or how much was left on the ground.

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