Prostitution Ring Uncovered After Pipe Gets Clogged With Condoms: Cops

An Austin, Texas, massage parlor's drain pipe was allegedly full of hundreds of condoms.

Police in Texas say they've shut down a prostitution ring after its cover was blown by a drain full of condoms.

Austin police said a realty company grew suspicious when hundreds of prophylactics were discovered in a drain pipe leading away from a strip mall, according to an affidavit made public Tuesday.

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One tenant, a massage parlor, was of special interest to police, who launched a weeks-long investigation into the establishment in February.

Over the course of the probe, police say they identified Juan Wang and her husband Joseph Emery, who are listed as tenants on a lease agreement for Jade Massage Therapy LLC, as suspects in the alleged prostitution operation.

Contact information for the couple led to ads for their business on the website, KVUE reported. 

After stakeouts in March, investigators found two men outside a location connected to the couple who allegedly told them they paid for a massage plus a sexual favor, according to the affidavit.

On March 22, Austin police raided another location connected with the couple, where they say they found Wang and another woman in a massage room with nude men.

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Investigators say they also found more than $66,000 in cash in a safe in Wang and Emery's home.

Both Wang and Emery have been charged with engaging in an organized criminal activity.

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