Bridesmaids Hold Puppies Instead of Bouquets in Beautiful Wedding Day Photo

They had eight pups for the day.

Meghan Addison Butler decided to ditch bouquets for puppies in her wedding day photo shoot.

The North Carolina bride, who was married last month, came up with the idea after seeing another bride do a similar photo shoot in the fall.

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“One of my bridesmaids works for the SPCA. She helped us find the last dog that we adopted and she was like this [photo shoot] is right up your alley,” Butler told

She contacted Brittany Boland, owner of Discover Love Studios, to shoot the big day and the SPCA agreed to send over eight pups.

The canines were so young that they weren’t even able to be put down during the shoot.

“Half of the puppies were really sleepy and cuddly and then you had some that were squirming and wanted to lick on you and love on you,” Butler said.

Each girl lovingly held a dog in what Butler said was the most relaxing part of her day.

“It was really a big stress relief. You are so busy on the wedding day. We were all so calm and it was just wonderful,” she said.

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Butler said she hopes her photo shoot will spread awareness about all the dogs that need a loving home. 

"People have already started calling the SPCA to adopt since we've done the photo shoot," Butler said.

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