Mom Gives Birth to Daughter at Nebraska Zoo: 'It Was Truly a Blessed Experience'

They've nicknamed her Pooh Bear.

Is there a veterinarian in the house?

It's not the typical question when people face urgent medical issues in public, but for a mom who went into labor at a Nebraska Zoo, it may have been the best bet.

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Kymica Hubbard was riding the train at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium when she started having contractions Sunday.

Hubbard and her husband quickly made their way to the parking lot but, before they could get out of the zoo the baby started coming.

"My water broke and then we got like five more steps and I was like, 'Her head, her head,'" Hubbard said during a press conference at Nebraska Medicine.

Within a matter of minutes, Justin Hubbard helped deliver his daughter, whom they named Drea.

"She was talking. She was crying, cooing," said Justin Hubbard. "It was just the most beautiful thing a man could ever see. It was truly a blessed experience."  

Drea's originally due date was May 14, Mother's Day, but both mom and baby were taken to Nebraska Medicine for treatment and listed in good condition.

Mom and dad say they've given their daughter the appropriate nickname of "Pooh Bear."

On Monday, April 24, the family spoke with members of the local media before being discharged from the hospital the following day.

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Staff from Nebraska Medicine's Office of Development even surprised the family with a new car seat after funds were provided by generous community donors. 

The Hubbard family plans to celebrate Drea's birthday every year with an outing at the zoo.

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