97-Year-Old Man Gets Ride on a Firetruck for His Birthday

Bill Grun, at age 97, got to ride in a firetruck for his birthday.

It was a birthday present a boy of any age would appreciate.

So what if Bill Grun was turning 97? For most of those years, he dreamed of being a fireman.

On Monday, he got to ride in a firetruck.

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Staff at his Pennsylvania retirement home secretly informed the Doylestown Fire Company No. 1 that Grun had “wanted to be a firefighter all his life.”

So could some of the station crew driver over in a big rig and take Grun for a ride?

Of course they could, came the reply.

Sporting a tie and a green cardigan, Gurn hauled himself into the behemoth Ladder 79 and got a ride for his lifetime, as the fire company’s website put it.  

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Still sharp as a tack, Grun teaches Sunday school and drives a stick shift Model T Ford, the department’s post said. He told stories of his days as a school teacher, and after his ride was over, he jogged across a parking lot.

“Yes, jogged,” the post said.

“Happy birthday Bill, and many more. You’re one of us now,” the message read.  

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