L.A. Realtor Who Dated Mel B's Estranged Husband Denies Trying to Extort Him

Nicole Contreras is denying claims she tried to extort her ex-boyfriend Stephen Belafonte for $1 million in an exclusive interview with Inside Edition.

A California realtor is denying claims that she tried to extort ex-boyfriend Stephen Belafonte for $1 million in an exclusive interview with Inside Edition.

Nicole Contreras has a daughter with Belafonte, who's now going through a divorce with former Spice Girl Mel B. In divorce papers, the singer claims he was abusive towards her, an allegation he denies.

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Belafonte has reportedly given police an audiotape that he claims shows Contreras tried to extort him for up to $1 million to stay quiet.

"I want a million bucks in my account in two days," the woman says in the recording. "I swear to God I’m gonna talk so much s*** about you, you have no idea, it’s your choice. And it’s gonna be really really bad."

But in an interview airing Tuesday, Contreras tells Inside Edition's Jim Moret that it's not her voice in the recording and that Belafonte is making up the extortion allegations to deflect Contreras’ claims that he was abusive toward her.

"I think it’s ridiculous," she said. "I think [Belafonte’s] in a bad place, trying to grasp at straws, trying to figure out how he can make me look less credible."

The Los Angeles police department is reportedly conducting an investigation.

Contreras added: "That is not me on the tape, and I have no idea where he concocted that."

While she denies it's her voice on the recording, Moret asked whether she would consider legal action against Belafonte, since she wasn't notified that the conversation was recorded.

"Any legal action that would be taken against him would be separate," she said. "My first concern is my child and her safety, and getting that portion clear. Anything else, you never know down the road what could happen."

Contreras and Belafonte, a film producer, have a 12-year-old daughter together.

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Asked if she feels violated by him in light of the recording, she responded: "I feel violated by him all around, in every way, shape and form. Since the day I’ve met him, he’s been violating me."

Belafonte was accused of battery after pushing Contreras against a wall in 2003. He pleaded no contest and was given a suspended jail term and ordered to attend a year-long domestic violence program.

Belafonte's attorneys have not responded to Inside Edition's request for comment.

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