Violent Brawl Between Airline Passengers Caught on Video: 'I'll Kill You'

The fist fight began as the Los Angeles-bound plane was waiting for takeoff in Japan.

Another outburst of violence aboard a plane has been caught on camera, as two passengers were seen duking it out on the aircraft Monday in front of stunned travelers.

The incident occurred in Japan aboard a Los Angeles-bound flight in Tokyo.

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A flight attendant moved in, screaming, “Security!” as she tried in vain to separate the two men.

Video of the altercation, which was captured on another passenger's cell phone, shows a few furious punches exchanged before things begin to settle down on the All Nippon Airways flight.

But seconds later, one of the fighting passengers, who was wearing a red shirt that was torn in the skirmish, came back, apparently ready for another round.

The passenger in the red shirt is a 44-year-old American, who was intoxicated, Japanese police said. 

He reportedly resisted attempts to get him off the plane, allegedly hitting a female passenger and choking an airline employee. He's been jailed in Japan, and faces assault charges.

The fight video was shot by passenger Corey Hour, a photographer from Phoenix.

"The gentleman in the red shirt was antagonizing everyone around him," he told Inside Edition. "There was no motive, just a switch that went off." 

Tension on airplanes seems to be at its breaking point, as this latest ugly incident follows the ordeal of Dr. David Dao, who was dragged off a United Airlines flight last month.

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Then there was the Delta passenger kicked off the flight for using the restroom, several weeks later.

Top airline executives were grilled at a congressional hearing Tuesday with United CEO Oscar Munoz once again apologizing to Dr. Dao.

“We had a horrible day three weeks ago, but it's not our industry,” he said.

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