Australia's Only Female Polar Bear Gives Birth to 2 Cubs

Adorable den footage shows her snuggling with her tiny babies.

Australia's only female polar bear is clearly enjoying her new cubs.

Adorable footage taken inside a maternity den shows her snuggling and licking her two babies, who were born at Sea World Australia, located on the country's Gold Coast.

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The 16-year-old polar bear, Liya, gave birth to the cubs on April 26. She's now nursing them inside a maternity den, which is monitored by infrared cameras, according to Sea World Australia.

The cubs, which have not yet been named, are just 1.32 pounds each and measure just 5.9 inches in length. They are expected to go on public display in August.

This is Liya's second successful pregnancy. She gave birth to another cub, Henry, in 2013. Henry moved to Canada two years ago and now lives at a research sanctuary.

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"Liya has been equally attentive to both cubs at the moment, so we think that from the experience that she's gained by having Henry, that this has set her up well... to manage these two beautiful little cubs," Trevor Long, the director of marine sciences at Sea World Australia, said.

The park has two other polar bears, Hudson and Nelson.

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