Dramatic Video Shows Surfer Being Rescued 13 Miles from Shore: 'He Was Extremely Lucky'

The missing surfer had spent more than 30 hours in the water.

A Scottish surfer who’d been in the water for 32 hours was saved in a dramatic helicopter rescue after disappearing Sunday morning, Coast Guard officials said.

Video shows a Maritime & Coast Guard search team hovering over Matthew Bryce, 22, as a rescuer is lowered by cable to pick up the stranded man.

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Bryce was wearing a wet suit, but suffered hypothermia, officials said.

“Hope was fading of finding the surfer safe and well after such a long period of time in the water,” Coast Guard spokeswoman Dawn Petrie said.  “We were gravely concerned.”

But the team found Bryce before nightfall on Monday.

“He was extremely lucky,” Petrie said.

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Bryce ended up 13 miles from the Scottish shore he paddled away from. He had remained with his board and was clinging to it when rescuers arrived. 

He was airlifted to a Belfast hospital, where he is being treated and his condition has been stabilized, authorities said.

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