Twin Sisters Give Birth to Baby Boys on Same Day: 'We're Excited for the Future'

They found out they were pregnant on the same day as well.

As if twins Kim Abraham and Danielle Grant didn’t already do everything together, the fraternal sisters have given birth to babies together as well.

Abraham and Grant, 32, said getting pregnant at the same time was not in their plans, but they are glad it happened that way.

“We always wanted it to happen the same time, but the thought of it actually happening is crazy, so we're excited,” Grant told “We found out the same day.”

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Abraham said she took a test and then called her sister, who already has a daughter, to take one too — and both came out positive.

The sisters spent their pregnancies doing everything together, from going to doctors’ appointments in the same room and getting ultra sounds one after the other and even satisfying their food cravings together.

The pair also had a joint gender reveal party, where they found out they were both having baby boys.

But, the most shocking part was that the sisters were given the same predicted due date — April 22.

“We thought it would be a couple days off. It was definitely unbelievable. It was awesome,” Grant said.

The sisters, however, still didn’t think their babies would actually arrive on the same day.

"The chance of actually going on your due date is not good, so we’re like, 'They’re never going to be born the same day. Just a couple days. It’s still really cool,'" Grant said.

And when April 22 came and went, both sisters were past their due dates and had to be induced on the same day — April 28.

It was the quickest date available, so we were ready to get them out... because it would be awesome for them to have the same birthday," Grant said. "We love having the same birthday.”

So in two adjacent hospital rooms, Grant and Abraham went into labor.

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Yes, we were texting each other and FaceTiming each other to see what was going on and how she was doing and how I was doing. My mom was there — back and forth — in-between the rooms and then our husbands were in-between the rooms just to see what was going on,” Grant said.

Abraham said that when Grant stopped answering her phone, she knew what was happening.

Grant gave birth to baby Roman at 11:42 a.m. A few hours later at 3:21 p.m., Abraham gave birth to baby Aaron.

We’re excited for the future,” Abraham said.

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