Veterinarian Serenades Puppy Before Surgery With Rendition of 'Can't Help Falling in Love'

"The cool thing about an animal audience is you can play to animals as long as you want," Dr. Ross Henderson told

This Colorado veterinarian clearly does more for his patients than most medical professionals.

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Veterinarian Dr. Ross Henderson, 28, could be seen softly serenading a poor golden retriever with Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” in a video posted on Facebook by Fox Hollow Animal Society in Lakewood.

The canine was apparently uneasy about being spayed.

“I think she was just a little anxious and nervous,” Henderson told “I was just sitting down there, letting her know she’s not sitting in a kennel by herself and then when I started singing, she put her head down in my lap.”

And judging by 6-month-old Ruby's recovery, it seems that the song was a success.

“She’s doing great — she’s literally back to her normal self,” Henderson said. “She’s like a bear rolling on the floor, getting up, trying to jump up and lick your face, spinning around, plopping down like the world’s happiest dog.”

Henderson said he started playing guitar when he was in high school. During veterinary school, he turned to playing guitars and writing songs when things got stressful.

After becoming a veterinarian two years ago, he began singing to animals under anesthesia for the last few months, even though they were asleep and couldn’t hear the music. Once in a while, he brings in his guitar from the car.

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“The cool thing about an animal audience is you can play to animals as long as you want — as long as you’re not slamming chords and super loud,” Henderson said.

After the video went viral and viewers reached out to him with positive messages, Henderson said he hopes to be able to perform for an animal audience more often.

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