Hero Cop Describes Tense Moments in Rescue of Boy With Autism Who Fell in Pond

Officer Bulmer's bodycam captured the entire heroic act.

The police officer who saved a boy with autism who fell into a pond over the weekend has reunited with the child, and is sharing the story of the heroic act.

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Elijah Hamby, 4, wandered down to the pond near his home in Topeka, Kan., Sunday. He wandered to the pond after he somehow unlocked the back door of his house.

Officer Aaron Bulmer happened to be at the park on an unrelated call and when he spotted the boy heading to the water without any adult in sight, the cop quickly jumped into action to save the child.

Today, the boy is doing just fine and the two have reunited. When they met, the child gave the hero cop a big hug.

Elijah’s' mom, Jaclyn, said she can't thank the cop enough for rescuing her son.

"I am so thankful Officer Bulmer was where he was to save Elijah," she said. 

“He was flailing, gasping face down in the water,” the officer told Inside Edition.

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The cop called out to a passerby for help and they called 911.

Officer Bulmer believed that the water was about 54 degrees and had to act quickly to get the child out of the chilly pond.

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