911 Call Placed 12 Hours After Authorities Say Penn State Frat Pledge's Fatal Fall Released: 'He Hasn't Moved'

There doesn't seem to be any urgency in the caller's voice.

A 911 call placed hours after authorities say a Penn State freshman suffered a fall during a fraternity hazing ritual appears to show little urgency for the student who later died.

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The call came too late to save Tim Piazza, who prosecutors say had fallen down a flight of stairs after the alcohol-fueled hazing at the Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

The call was made by fraternity brother Ryan McCann, 12 hours after Piazza's fall.

“He hasn't moved. He's probably going to need an ambulance,” McCann can be heard saying in the call.

When asked, McCann informed the operator that the victim was 19 years old and appeared to be breathing.

“Was there any alcohol or anything involved, do you know?” the operator then asked.

“Yes, there is,” the caller replied.

McCann and 17 other fraternity members now face criminal charges. Eight were arraigned Tuesday.

"They did not tell all of the important details, they didn’t say that he fell or that he had a head injury and that is part of the issue with this case and part of the issue with the charges," prosecutor Stacy Parks Miller told Inside Edition.

It has also been learned that the university’s assistant athletic director, Tim Bream, actually lives in the fraternity house.

Piazza’s parents say they hold Bream, an adviser for Beta Theta Pi, partially responsible.

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"This individual's job was to be an adviser and watch over these students," they told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "He had to know there was alcohol going on. He had to know there was hazing going on."

Bream was not charged by prosecutors.

"He may have been in his room, but that does not get you in trouble for criminal liability in Pennsylvania. You have to be an active participant in criminal activity to be charged," the prosecutor told Inside Edition. 

Bream reportedly sent an e-mail to frat members urging them to cooperate with cops.

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