Kate Middleton Goes Shopping for Her Honeymoon

Kate Middleton was spotted out and about today shopping for her honeymoon. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Future princess Kate Middleton went shopping for her honeymoon wardrobe just nine days before her big day.

Middleton wore a slinky black dress while browsing in West London and she made a purchase at the trendy Whistles boutique before doing some damage at Warehouse, a British chain known for reasonably priced cute women's clothes.

Middleton spent $350 at Warehouse for a blouse and three dresses, including a bright floral halter dress and a one-shoulder black and white print dress. It's going to be a super-chic honeymoon!

You can recreate Middleton's chic look in the U.S. too. INSIDE EDITION found an asymmetrical black and cream print dress that you can actually rent for the weekend for $75 on renttherunway.com

And a light Alice and Olivia blouse, available at Bloomingdales, has the same bohemian feel as Middleton's new white top, but it's a little pricy at $297

Middleton's floral halter dress is right on trend, and INSIDE EDITION found a similar flirty floral print jumper at Reiss for $210!       

And while Middleton was out and about shopping, her parents Carole and Michael got their first formal royal introduction to the Queen herself. Queen Elizabeth hosted a luncheon for the Middletons at Windsor Castle.

But there's one member of Middleton's family the Queen most definitely won't be meeting!

Middleton's 20-year-old cousin, Katrina Darling, is a burlesque dancer who performs at a London cabaret club. Her signature act is actually titled "God Save the Queen."  

It's just been revealed that she and Middleton are second cousins, once removed.

It's safe to say Katrina Darling won't be getting an invite to the wedding of the century.