Fever Pitch: Woman Seen Flashing to Distract Pitcher During Baseball Game

The Miami Marlins organization was not happy with her behavior.

One woman found a way to distract a rival pitcher during a Miami Marlins baseball game this week.

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As the Marlins were taking on the St. Louis Cardinals in Miami Wednesday, viewers at home watching the game spotted a woman showing off her cleavage.

Korina Evaniuk, 22, quickly became a social media phenomenon for giving viewers quite the eyeful.

"I just shimmied my boobs a bit but I guess the whole internet just broke after that," she told Inside Edition.  

She was the guest of Laurence Leavy, known to sports fans around the country for dressing in the orange colors of the Marlins.

His nickname is “Marlins Man.” He told Inside Edition he brought her to the game to make it interesting since the games seem to lack excitement this season. 

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The Marlins organization is reportedly not happy with what she had done. 

While her behavior captivated TV audiences, it did little to distract the opposing team, as the Marlins lost 7-5.

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