Chicago Blackhawks Star Patrick Kane Gives His 1st Class Airline Seat to Soldier

The star right wing for the Chicago Blackhawks traded seats with a soldier flying in coach.

Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane made a soldier’s day by trading airline seats with him.

Kane was sitting in first class. The soldier was in coach.

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American Airlines flight attendant Teri Truss posted a photo of herself with Kane on board the aircraft saying, “What a class act.”

Truss told CBS Chicago that Kane came up to her and said, “There’s a soldier on this flight.”

“And I said, 'Yeah, OK?’ And he said, ‘I would like for him to sit up front, and I would like to give him my first-class seat, and I’ll go to the back.’

“I’m like, ‘Are you sure?’ He said, ‘Yes’ and I was like, ‘Perfect. Great opportunity.”

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The uniformed service man was thankful, she said, and seemed to enjoy his free upgrade. He later went to the back and thanked the NHL star.

Kane, Truss said, “was awesome.”

He led the Blackhawks in goals, assists and points last season.

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