A Visit to Bucklebury, Kate Middleton's Hometown

INSIDE EDITION traveled to Bucklebury, Kate Middleton's hometown, to visit her favorite pub, her butcher, and her piano teacher.

It's the quaint little village where Kate Middleton grew up, a sleepy hamlet 50 miles outside London, with a name straight out of a fairytale: Bucklebury!

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent caught up with some of the locals at Kate's favorite pub, The Old Boot Inn. Owner John Hadley has been invited to the wedding.
Kate's parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, still live in Bucklebury.

"They're a wonderful family, very friendly, hard working," says Martin Fiddler, the village butcher. He's been invited to the wedding too.

Daniel Nichols is Kate's old piano teacher. She took piano lessons with him from age 11 to 13.

"When you heard that she was marrying the future King of England, what was your reaction?" Trent asked him.

"I thought it was amazing, our Kate from Bucklebury, a tiny village in the south of England, is going to be a princess. It's fantastic!"