Woman Who Dropped More Than 100 Pounds Back in a Bikini After Changing Diet: 'I Felt Amazing'

Tanisha Washington is featured in "People" magazine's "We Lost 100 Pounds" story, which is out Friday.

A 25-year-old who once tipped the scales at 273 pounds has dropped 103 pounds.

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Tanisha Washington is featured in People's latest issue, "We Lost 100 Pounds," on stands Friday.

“For breakfast I would have lots of chocolatey donuts," she said. "I would have orange juice filled with sugar. For lunch I’d have lots of pizza pockets, chips, lots of soda — I was like addicted to soda. I would literally just eat whatever, whenever I wanted to, however much I wanted to.”

The single mom cut back on her carb intake and portion sizes. Now, a typical breakfast is turkey sausage with a whole grain English muffin and banana.

Lunch is a salad with grilled chicken and dinner is turkey meatballs and spinach.

“Watching that weight fall off, I felt amazing and it just gave me so much motivation to just keep pushing,” she said.

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She is now rocking a bikini, and is featured in a video on the People Entertainment Weekly Network.

Five other women are also showing off their new bodies after losing more than 100 pounds each.

“The women that we featured this year have really inspiring grit and determination,” People editor Catherine Kast told Inside Edition. “Regular people who are not celebrities have the means, the determination and just the ability to change their lives by focusing on their health.”

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