Woman Calls 911 After Finding 2-Foot-Long Iguana in Her Toilet | Inside Edition

Woman Calls 911 After Finding 2-Foot-Long Iguana in Her Toilet

Authorities called it "a very rare call."

It’s not every day that someone calls 911 to report something strange in their toilet.

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A Florida woman got the fright of her life when she lifted the lid of her toilet to find a 2-foot-long iguana making itself comfortable in the bowl Tuesday night.

“When I got there, she told me there was a snake in the toilet,” the woman's daughter, Giselle Quintero, of West Kendall said, according to WFOR. “She closed the lid and left. It’s something you never expect to see in your toilet.”

That’s when the family called 911, and asked to have the reptile removed.

“They kept asking if it was an emergency,” Quintero said.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue’s Lt. Scott Mullin said that was the first time he’s ever seen an iguana in a toilet, but authorities guessed it got there by swimming in through the pipes.

“Upon arrival, it was really uncertain how he got there, but it is believed because they’re excellent swimmers and can hold their breath for an extended period of time, it probably wound up climbing through the plumbing system,” Lt. Felipe Lay said. “It’s a very rare call.”

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Mullin picked up the iguana with a pair of gloves, put it  in a box, and transported it in a truck to turn it over to a wildlife refuge.

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