Fox News' Janice Dean Weeps on Air Over News of Roger Ailes' Death

There have been mixed reactions to the Fox News founder's death.

The news of Fox News founder Roger Ailes' death on Thursday was greeted with tears and jeers.

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Fox News personality Janice Dean wept openly on Fox And Friends.

“I wouldn't be here without that man and when I was diagnosed with M.S., he got on the phone and said whatever we can do for your family, because we are a family. And he will be missed on this channel. He will be missed.”

“Today America lost one of its great patriotic warriors," said Fox host Sean Hannity.

But others had starkly different reactions.

"Justice," a former Fox News personality reportedly said when she heard that Ailes, 77, had died.

Ailes' death comes less than a year after he resigned from Fox following allegations of sexual harassment, which he denied.

Ailes' visionary helped build the Fox News into the empire it is today, many said. He's also been credited with paving the way for the Donald Trump presidency.

Ailes' biographer Gabriel Sherman said he died lonely and despondent.

“This is shocking and, unfortunately, not shocking, because Roger Ailes had been suffering with health problems his whole life. This chapter of his life has been tragic,” he said. “A friend he spoke to in recent days recalled Ailes joked about committing suicide.”

CNN Media Correspondent Brian Stelter said Ailes had fallen out with many of his old friends, including President Trump.

"There would not be a President Trump if not for Roger Ailes,” he told Inside Edition. “Ailes helped guide Trump to the presidency, even advised him before the debates. In recent months, I am told, Trump and Ailes were not in touch.” 

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A police report obtained by Inside Edition said Ailes fell in the bathroom of his Palm Beach, Florida estate and hit his head. He was not completely alert and still on the floor when police were called.

He suffered serious bleeding and a blood clot, and was put into a medically induced coma on Wednesday. He died Thursday morning.

Ailes has been in failing health for several years and required a cane and sometimes a walker to get around. He had secret prostate surgery and was a hemophiliac.

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