Princess Diana's Former Lover Speaks to INSIDE EDITION

INSIDE EDITION talks to Princess Diana’s former lover, James Hewitt, about the ongoing speculation that he is Prince Harry’s real father.

Just days before the royal wedding, INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney sat down with the man best known as Princess Diana's lover.

James Hewitt was a major in the royal army and Princess Diana's riding instructor when the two began a torrid, 5-year affair, while she was still married to Prince Charles.

McInerney asked, "You were in love with her?"

"Well, yes I was. We were in love," said Hewitt.

Diana shared the same sentiments when she admitted the affair in her famous interview with TV journalist Martin Bashir in 1995. She said, "I adored him.  I was in love with him. But I was let down."

Hewitt was skewered and branded a cad because he divulged their affair in a tell-all book, Princess in Love which included Diana's love letters.

"They called you a cad. They called you all sorts of names," said McInerney.

"They do say terrible things about other people. I can't help that," said Hewitt.

In search of a fresh start, James Hewitt fled England and started a brand new life in Marbella, Spain, a popular beach resort along the Mediterranean Sea.

He invited INSIDE EDITION to his restaurant, Polo House, located on a tony strip along the coast.

McInerney asked him what Diana would have thought of the international hoopla over her son William's wedding to Kate Middleton.

"I think she would be very proud, very supportive, probably trying to be the hostess," said Hewitt.

His restaurant is peppered with photos of Hewitt playing polo. He showed McInernery one from 1991.

The resemblance to Prince Harry is uncanny. No wonder there's been speculation for years that he's Diana and Hewitt's love child.

"Are you Prince Harry's father?" asked McInerney.

Hewitt laughed and said, "Well I', I'm not."

"How do you know for sure?" asked McInerney.

"Stop it. I would prefer not to continue on that line of conversation," said Hewitt.

Hewitt was polite but visibly uncomfortable as McInerney asked one more time.

"There is an uncanny resemblance," said McInerney.

"I'm not going there again. Please respect that," said Hewitt.

Hewitt told McInerney he's organizing a party at his restaurant on Friday as a tribute to the royal couple. And Diana's former lover has a message for Will and Kate.

"I would just like to wish them all the very best of luck," said Hewitt.