After Girl, 10, Vandalized School, Mom Appeals to Businesses to Put Her to Work

The mom took to social media to find jobs for her daughter to do.

An Arizona mom took to social media to help teach her daughter a lesson after she got into trouble at school.

Jeanene Lacasse said her 10-year-old daughter, Anni, was accused of vandalizing her elementary school’s bathroom along with a group of girls. The kids allegedly threw wads of wet tissue onto the ceiling.

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“I got a call about vandalism, which is a pretty big deal,” Lacasse told KPHO. “Even though it’s minor, it’s still significant to me. We don’t run that type of ship."

Because it was the last day of school, the principal didn’t punish the girls, so Lacasse took matters into her own hands.

The mom posted a note on her Facebook page asking for help to discipline Anni.

“My sweet daughter decided to participate in vandalism on the last day of school. If anyone owns a business and needs or wants a 10-year-old volunteer, please let me know,” Lacasse wrote on the post.

The mom said she is looking for Anni to do some good labor.

“I don’t want her to like it. She shouldn’t,” Lacasse said.

Anni said she was only a witness to the mischief, according to KPHO.

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The 10-year-old has days of work ahead of her anyhow as the jobs poured in on the post, including picking up dog poop.

"I hope this is a learning lesson for her," Lacasse said.

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