Police Release CCTV Photos of Manchester Bomber on The Night Of Terror Attack

Police have made arrests in what they believe is a larger terror network.

Amid British authorities uncovering the alleged terror network linked to the Manchester concert bombing, police have released photos of Salman Abedi that were taken on the night he carried out his attack, killiing 22 people and injured 59 others, according to reports.

Abedi, 22, appears calm in the photos taken by CCTV, wearing a black jacket, baseball cap, jeans, and Nike sneakers. He stood with his hands tucked into his pocket in the photos. 

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He can also be seen wearing a backpack, which authorities believe held the explosive used in the attack at Manchester Arena on Monday night. 

Police have blacked out the background of the photos in order to protect the identities of those standing next to the killer, according to reports. The exact location where the photos were taken has not been released, but authorities said they were taken on the way to the Arena’s box office.

In the six days since Abedi carried out Monday’s attack, police have detained 13 people and carried out 17 raids across the country, according to authorities.

Abedi’s younger brother Hashem was allegedly planning another attack, according to authorities.

Hashem is in custody in Libya. His father, said to be an outspoken supporter of Al Qaeda, has also been charged.

The British-born brothers flew from Manchester to Libya April 17. Exactly a month later, on May 17, Salman returned alone after a stopover in Dusseldorf, Germany, a hotbed of Islamic extremism.

Investigators believe the brothers are part of a much wider terror network and that members of the group could potentially still be at large.

An investigation involving about 1,000 officers has been launched in the aftermath of the attack to stop any further terror threats posed by Abedi's possible network.

"The intelligence services are still collecting information about (Abedi) and about the people around him," Home Secretary Amber Rudd said. “But I would not rush to conclusions. What this reminds us is the scale of the problem that we have, the enemy that we have, Daesh, that is trying to weaponize the young people in our society."

Daesh is another name for ISIS, which has since claimed responsibility for the attack.

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Police also believe they have discovered where the bomb used in the horrendous attack was made. On Saturday, police released a statement identifying the location.

“The investigation is making good progress and we know one of the last places Abedi went was a city center flat and from there he left to make his way to the Manchester Arena. The flat is highly relevant as a location which we believe may be the final assembly place for the device,” the statement read.

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