Body Camera Footage Shows Police Rescuing Boy Trapped Underneath Lake Dock

The boy escaped without any major injuries.

A police officer’s body camera caught the heroic rescue of a young boy who was trapped underneath a lake dock in Florida.

Lake Placid Officer David Rhoden said he received a call that the boy, who he believes was 9 years old, was trapped under the dock at Lake June on May 22.

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Rhoden said he hurried to the scene, fearing the boy may be submerged.

“We rushed into the water," Rhoden told "I could see the child pinned between under the dock. He had a sheer look of terror on his face. I started to remove my gear because I could see his head was above water. He was breathing and crying.”

In the video, Rhoden and volunteer firefighter Rafael Ramos can be seen attempting to free the child. He is eventually rescued and able to walk away.

Rhoden said the child was swimming under the dock with his friends when he became trapped between two barrels.

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Rhoden said he’s happy the child's ordeal had a happy ending.

“Usually we go to fatalities and people aren’t able to walk away. It was very nice to have a good outcome. I’m glad that I was a part of it and the boy was okay,” Rhoden said.

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