Couple Finds 1963 Wedding Album in Ceiling of Florida Home

The husband and wife were married in New York.

A couple is searching for the owners of a 1963 wedding album they discovered earlier this month in the Florida home they are renovating.

Megan Kapsidis said she and her husband, Bobby Kapsidis, were knocking out part of the kitchen ceiling in the 1960s home in renovations for Bobby’s mother when they discovered the album.

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The album, which belongs to a couple named Marguerite and Joseph Gargiulo, was hidden in the ceiling under the insulation, Kapsidis said.

“He had to cut through the material, it being an older house,” Kapsidis told “He pulled the soffit down and all this insolation came falling down on top of him and a really beautiful alligator purse from Cuba hit him right in the face.”

Kapsidis said Bobby then climbed into the ceiling and discovered the album, among other items.

“He found the big wedding album first, which would have been the bride and groom’s copy of the wedding album,” Kapsidis said. “The next day, when we had more light, he went back up in there and he found what would have been the parents' little small version of the same album.”

According to an invitation they discovered inside the album, the Gargiulos were married on September 14, 1963, at St. Thomas Apostle Church on 87th Street and 88th Avenue in Woodhaven, N.Y.

A reception at the Brooklyn Navy yard followed.

Kapsidis said she has already started searching for the couple through social media. She was also able to find Marguerite’s last known address in Florida but discovered, after visiting the home, that she no longer lives there.

“I want to find the family. It’s easier today. We have the digital age where we can just call the photographer and have him send it over the internet. Back then they didn’t have that so this is all they have left of their memories,” Kapsidis said. tracked down a first cousin of Joseph Gargiulo, Frank Romano, who said he believes his cousin has since died of Parkinson's.

Another relative said the couple divorced not long after their wedding.

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Marguerite, currently lives in an assisted living program in Florida, according to the family member.

When told the news, Kapsidis said, "It's a bummer. I really wanted to give them the album back... I'm happy to give it to any of their family members... it not something that should be thrown away."



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