Peacock Raids Liquor Store and Damages $500 Worth of Merchandise

The bird was eventually captured.

One bird may have stopped in for happy hour at a Southern California liquor store Monday, but not without causing some damage.

Rani Ghanem, a manager at Royal Oak Liquor Store in Arcadia, said he noticed a peacock in the establishment after a customer said, “Hey, there’s a bird inside your store.”

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“The peacock wandered in on its own," Ghanem told "I get up and look and try to guide it out towards the door and nothing happened." 

Ghanem said the rather large bird then flew on top of the store’s ice cream freezer while they were trying to capture it before flying onto the store’s wine shelves.

He said it was then that he realized he should probably call police.

“There is AC in the store and it’s nice in there, so it didn’t want to leave,” Ghanem said.

Ghanem said that once animal control arrived and tried capturing the bird, it went wild.

“It started jumping and knocking all the wine bottles down,” Ghanem said. “It took animal control 30 minutes to capture it.”

Ghanem said the store lost $500 in merchandise due to the peacock’s antics, but said that it could have been much worse.

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The bird was eventually captured and released back into the wild.

“It was a great experience," Ghanem said. "Sure I took a little bit of a loss, but it’s a story you can tell your grandkids."

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