Death Toll Climbs After Tornadoes Ravage Southern States

The death toll climbs to over 200 people after epic tornadoes ravaged the South. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

America's worst tornado outbreak in nearly half a century raged across the south, wreaking havoc everywhere.

A monster tornado seemed to engulf the entire city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama where big hunks of debris were carried off like confetti.

Tornado chaser Reid Timmer from the Discovery Channel told INSIDE EDITION, "With tornadoes this violent, it's really difficult to survive it unless you're underground."

Christopher England filmed a giant tornado and could barely catch his breath as the swirling clouds seemed to grow right before his eyes.

One man in his car headed straight toward a twister as the power lines up ahead suddenly exploded.

People take their lives in their hands to record natural catastrophes like these. Sometimes, they get too close.

Power lines are down. Treetops are shredded. And the devastation is almost beyond belief.