Man Sitting at His Desk Is Struck by Lightning: 'It's Like Being Run Over by a Truck' | Inside Edition

Man Sitting at His Desk Is Struck by Lightning: 'It's Like Being Run Over by a Truck'

Nick Gemayel was sitting at his desk when he was suddenly struck by lightning.

A New York man was sitting at his desk and minding his auto repair business, when lightning suddenly struck. Really.

As a thunderstorm raged outside Rochester AutoWerks, a ragged bolt of lightning struck the sidewalk, traveled under the building and burst out of a light switch in owner Nick Gemayel’s office.

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The fire bolt struck Gemayel’s left hand after it bounced off a ring of keys on his desk, he told Thursday.

"It's good to be alive," he said. "It was a pretty crazy experience."

Gemayel, 36, told that he had just returned from a doctor's appointment to follow up after Monday's mega-volt experience.

His body is still reacting to being zapped, he said. Goosebumps appear for no reason, and his internal temperature "keeps going from hot to cold," he said.

He has been told to drink massive amounts of liquid to flush his kidneys because a possible side effect of being struck by lightning is kidney failure, he said.

Gemayel said he just doesn't feel right.

"It's like being run over by a truck, to tell you the truth," he said. "I just don't feel like myself."

He said he didn't even realize he'd been hit until hours later, when his hand began to blister, he said.

"I didn't know at first," he recalled. "I was running around frantically" to make sure nothing was on fire and to check on some high-end automobiles in his shop, including a Lamborghini. He ended up driving himself to the emergency room after he began to feel "really foggy" and achy, he said.

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Manager Ryan Davis was standing 20 feet from his boss’ desk when the office went dark.

“It was just a big flash and a loud boom and I just went the other way,” he told

“Luckily, it didn’t get me. It got him.”

The strike knocked out the lights and fried the phones and computers, Davis said.

Gemayel was back at work Thursday, although doctors have instructed him to take it easy.

“He came in for a little bit this morning, but he’s supposed to be resting,” the manager said. “I don’t expect too much out of him until next week.”

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