How the First 'Biggest Loser' Winner Gained All the Weight Back, and His Mission to Lose It Again

Ryan Benson is hoping to get back in shape with the help of the show's former executive producer, J.D. Roth.

Ryan Benson was the first winner of The Biggest Loser in 2005 after losing 122 pounds, but today, he's actually heavier than he ever was on the show.

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“I slipped back into my old habits real quick. Within the next year or two and in about four or five years I had put back on all of the weight,” he told Inside Edition.

He says he worked hard on the show to go from 330 pounds to 208 pounds, but once the show ended, he found it impossible to stick to the strict diet and exercise regimen.

“I was eating a cheeseburger, fries and ribs right after the final weigh in,” he said.

Now, Benson is trying once again to shed those extra pounds and the man helping him is J.D. Roth, the former executive producer of The Bigger Loser.

Roth's new show, The Big Fat Truth airs on cable's Z Living Network. Benson and other former Biggest Loser contestants who gained the weight back are featured on Sunday's premiere episode.

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Roth showed Benson’s new diet where everything he eats is plant based - no meat and no dairy.

A good diet is only half of the battle. The rest is exercise and Roth maintains that you don’t need a fancy gym.

“All you really need is your body weight," he told Benson, to which her replied, "I still got plenty of weight."

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