Family Keeps a Housebroken Skunk as a Pet: 'He's Like a Little Baby'

Seven, a pet skunk, is often spotted strolling around town on a leash with his owners.

Most people think of skunks as pests, but this New Jersey household thinks of this one as family.

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Meet Seven, a pet skunk often spotted around Bergen County being walked on a leash.

“He’s so cute,” said his owner, Gloria Kim, according to WCBS. “He’s like a little baby.”

The five-pound skunk lives with Kim and her children, thanks to a surgery that removed Seven’s scent glands, leaving him unable to give off a stink.

In fact, Kim said Seven is even housebroken, and has been trained to use a wee pad or a litter box. The skunk doesn’t even shed inside the home. 

She said she first wanted to get her own skunk after spotting one in an exotic pet store.

“You have to get a permit from Fish, Game and Wildlife. It’s like $12 a year,” said pet storeowner Megan Kayatz, but confirmed they are legal to keep as pets.

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Even though Kim said neighbors often stop and stare, Seven has made himself an irreplaceable part of the family

“It’s like I’m a parent,” said Kim’s daughter, Bella Tsang. “I have to take care of him.”

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