Watch as Monster Tornadoes Tear Through the Midwest: 'Telephone Poles Snapped Like Toothpicks'

It was nature's fury on full display.

Twisters have been ravaging the Midwest and leveling communities in their path.

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A barn appeared to disintegrate as a monster tornado ripped along a country road and took the roof off a home in Wyoming.

In videos posted online, you can see flashes as utility poles are torn out of the ground.

"It debarked some of the trees nearby there," storm chaser Aaron Rigsby told Inside Edition. "The telephone poles snapped like toothpicks." 

Incredibly, no one was injured.

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In Nebraska, not a stick of one barn was left standing after it was shredded by a tornado.

The winds just kept pummeling the wreckage, as lightning flashes and nature’s fury was unleashed.

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