Pressure Mounts on NBC to Yank Megyn Kelly's Interview With 'Infowars' Host Alex Jones

Parents of Sandy Hook victims are among those calling for the network to pull the interview, as Jones has denied the massacre ever happened.

There's a national outcry over Megyn Kelly's forthcoming interview with one of the most controversial men in America.

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In her upcoming NBC interview with conspiracy theorist and Infowars host Alex Jones, she tells the caustic personality: “They call you the most paranoid man in America. Is that true?”

“Absolutely not,” he said.

Parents of some of the 20 children killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre are furious about the interview, since Jones has claimed in the past that the Newtown shooting may have been a hoax.

“Sandy Hook is a synthetic, completely fake with actors, in my view, manufactured,” he said on his Infowars show in 2014.

He was questioned about those claims in the interview with Kelly, a preview of which was released earlier this week.

“Sandy Hook's complex because I’ve had debates with devil's advocates we've said the whole story is true, then I’ve had debates where I’ve said that none of it is true," he told Kelly during the interview, which is set to air Sunday. 

“When you say parents faked their children's death, people get very angry,” she tells him in a clip.

“I know, but they don't get angry about the half million dead Iraqis from the sanctions or they don't," he said.

Parents of some of the children killed when Adam Lanza stormed the school in the December 2012 shooting rampage, are angered that Kelly is seemingly giving Jones a prime-time soapbox.

Among them is Nelba Marquez-Greene, whose daughter was killed in the shooting.

“Here you go @megynkelly - her name is Ana Grace Márquez-Greene," Marquez-Greene tweeted Monday. "Say her name- stare at this & tell me it's worth it."

Nicole Hockley, who lost her 6-year-old son Dylan in Sandy Hook, also blasted the interview.

"Rather than give Jones more publicity, let's focus on people who have been impacted by tragedy and give voice to them instead," she told Inside Edition. 

Kelly has been dumped as host of an upcoming Sandy Hook Promise charity event in Washington, and JPMorgan Chase is pulling its ads from Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.

Jones' ex-wife, Kelly, who has been locked in a custody battle with him, told Inside Edition that his claims about Sandy Hook have had heartbreaking consequences.

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“People are harassing the parents of the victims, telling them that their children didn't even exist,” she said.

Now, Alex Jones is joining the chorus of people asking NBC to refrain from airing the interview. He also said that he now believes the tragic events of Sandy Hook did happen. 

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