Baby Miraculously Caught After Being Dropped From Window During Horrific High-Rise Blaze

At least 12 people have been reported dead in the devastating London fire.

A desperate parent threw a baby out of a window into the waiting arms of a rescuer during the inferno at an apartment complex in west London early Wednesday morning.

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Children could be heard screaming for help as the 24-story building was engulfed in flames.

Others waved towels and clothing as the blaze tore through the building. One resident made a rope out of bedsheets and was able to slide to safety.

“People were screaming, 'Help me! Help me! Help me!'" one resident told reporters.

Twelve victims are confirmed dead but that figure could very well rise. Seventy-five people were taken to hospitals for treatment.

As the sun rose Wednesday morning, dense black smoke was still pouring from the building.

A charred hulk is all that remains of the tower where more than a hundred families lived.

So what should you do if you find yourself in a nightmare like what broke out in west London?

Inside Edition spoke to FBI national academy instructor and retired FDNY fire investigator Gene West about what to do when you see the first signs of trouble.

"If they make a phone call to the fire department, let them know that you are in your apartment. Let them know what floor you are on. Let them know what conditions you are experiencing,” he advised. “In most cases they will tell you: ‘Stay in your apartment, remain calm, stay there until the firemen get to you.’

"In high rise structures in the United States, that is the safest thing to do.”

There are also new devices that can help save your life.

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One is called the Skysaver — it looks like a backpack but it comes equipped with a cable you can use to lower yourself a maximum of 25 stories to safety.

West also added that you should wave from a window to make yourself visible, but don’t open the window unless the smoke makes breathing unbearable. 

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