City Worker Used Public Funds to Pay for Her Brazilian Butt Lift: Cops

Natwaina Clark, 33, charged her city-issued credit card 136 times for roughly $61,000 in unauthorized charges, officials claim.

A former employee of a Florida city has been accused of using official funds for a mountain of unauthorized transactions.

Or at least a couple of hills.

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A report issued by the city of Gainesville alleges that Natwaina Clark charged tens of thousands of dollars in purchases, including a Brazilian butt lift, to her city credit card.

All told, the 33-year-old is alleged to have charged $61,000 in unauthorized charges.

In addition, officials say Clark used her bosses’ cards at least 36 more times for an additional $31,000, according to the report obtained by the Gainesville Sun.

Officials have also accused Clark of charging a co-worker's card for nearly $1,000.

According to documents attached to the report, Clark was able to take $41,000 in spendable funds by funneling it into her personal PayPal account. 

Around $8,500 of those funds reportedly paid for the cosmetic procedure, in which fat from one part of the body is used to enhance the buttocks.

Also included in the unapproved purchases officials say turned up before Clark's March termination: Cox Communications Cable, $2,413; CVS, $1,011; and Sam's Club for $739 among others.

Clark reportedly explained her ability to live beyond her means by telling co-workers she had a generous boyfriend, going so far as to send her herself an edible arrangements basket she bought using city funds.

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Clark was fired while vacationing on a cruise March 21. She was arrested March 28 and charged with two felonies: Larceny and scheme to defraud. 

She has since pleaded not guilty.

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