Erendira Wallenda Breaks Husband's Record as She Dangles 300 Feet Over Niagara Falls - by Her Teeth

She performed above the falls for eight minutes.

The wife of daredevil Nik Wallenda dangled over Niagara Falls in New York by her teeth Thursday afternoon.

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Erendira Wallenda was 300 feet above the falls, hanging from a helicopter, to commemorate the fifth anniversary of her husband's famous tightrope walk over the landmark.

The wild ride lasted eight minutes and Inside Edition was there as Erendira prepared for the performance.

She showed the specially designed mouthpiece she used to latch on by her teeth.

"My dentist made this for us,” she said. "It is a perfect mold of my teeth." 

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In the moments leading up to take off, she rubbed rosin into her hands to prevent slipping. She kept her cool all the way and finished the spectacular stunt with grace.

"I wouldn't say so much nerves,” she said. “I do get adrenaline before I do something, but I have to control that so I don't get shaky."

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