Proposal Gone Wrong at Baseball Game Found to Be Fake, Couple Already Married

While many felt bad for the guy following the proposal, it turns out he already got the girl, several years ago.

An elaborate marriage proposal at a minor league baseball game in South Carolina a week ago went horribly wrong... or did it?

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It began with four members of the grounds crew doing a choreographed dance to Bruno Mars' hit song “Marry You.” Then, the camera panned over to a man getting down on one knee to propose to his companion.

The girl just shook her head, whispered in his ear and stormed off with her purse.

The girl's reaction left many wondering if the whole thing was a hoax, with comments like, "This is clearly staged" and "Fake!"

Others felt bad for the guy, writing: “This is so sad. Could u imagine this guy?”

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It turns out that the skeptics were right.

Sarah and Billy Judge are already married and have been since 2013. They were asked to participate in the stunt by a buddy, who works for the team.

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