Ranchers Lasso and Wrangle 10-Foot Alligator That Trespassed At a Calf Pen

A 10-foot alligator was lassoed and wrangled after it entered a landowner's pen-full of weaning calves.

A massive alligator that invaded a pen full of cows on a Texas ranch was successfully lassoed, but not before biting one of the wranglers.

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Hal Canover, owner of the Hawkins property, knew he had to act fast when he saw the creature, which measured about 10 feet long.

Canover called Convergent Hunting Solutions, and hunting expert Byron South, who has 40 years of experience, rushed over.

“[I] felt like I needed to get there pretty quick,” South told InsideEdition.com.

Since it’s alligator season, he arrived in about a half hour to help Canover, and South was clearly in his element.

“I like that stuff,” he said.

In footage of the wrangling, the colossal trespasser is swiftly lassoed on the first try by Canover.

South says that using rope isn't necessarily the ideal way to capture a gator, but they didn’t have much of a choice since they weren’t in a swamp.

“Normally we don’t rope them,” he said. “We catch them like they do on TV, with the hook.”

Two alligator transporters then mounted the giant to keep it in place as they tried to tape its mouth shut.

But as they attempted to close the beasts' jaws, the monstrous gator chomped on one of the wrangler’s hands, leaving him with minor injuries.

It took a third helper to successfully wrap the tape around the gator’s mouth.

The alligator was ultimately carried out onto a trailer and was taken to a wildlife park.

“Hal Conover is the hero," South said. "Hal saved the calves and saved the day."

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South told Inside Edition that you must proceed with caution — and keep away — if you find yourself in the same situation.

“They’re a reclusive animal," he said. "They will generally retreat but you can never tell. [It] can be kids, people, pets... they are absolutely nothing to them.”

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