Deaf Boy Gives a Big Hug to Mickey and Minnie After They Signed 'I Love You'

Dreams really do come true at Disneyland.

Dreams really do come true at Disneyland, even for those unable to hear.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse made sure a deaf boy felt included in the Disney magic when they communicated with him by signing, “I love you,” and, “It’s nice to meet you.”

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“He lights up," said Heidi Riehl, a spokesperson for non-profit Olive Crest. "It’s like they speak his language."

The organization specializes in helping at-risk children, and Riehl told they plan a day at Disneyland each year for their participating families.

The toddler, who was not identified for privacy reasons, was accompanied by a sign language assistant.

“In that moment, the coach was telling Mickey and Minnie exactly what to say,” Riehl explained.

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Even so, the boy’s response was magical. While Riehl said he is often reluctant to touch, the toddler could be seen jumping into Minnie’s arms after the display.

“It certainly was a significant moment for him,” she said. “You can just tell by his reaction. He felt very known.”

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