Pets Strut Down the 'Cat' Walk During Festival's Furry Fashion Show

Cats and dogs were dressed in a variety of accessories and costumes to impress the crowd during a Pet Festival in the Philippines.

This fashion show has gone to the dogs.

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Furry models were dressed to the canines as they came together at Pet Festival Philippines, held at Parkmall in Cebu, to strut down the “cat” walk, or ride on exquisitely decorated floats.

Each cat and dog was dressed to impress, rocking feathers, florals, rhinestones and other props for a table of judges at the end of the runway.

The Pet Festival was formed at the mall to celebrate the bond humans and animals share, but has since transformed into a glamorous event.

Some pets were carried by their owners to the end, while others were walked or even pulled on a float to face the audience.

“I was intrigued by the amount of effort and expense these owners spend on their pets,” said Ian Maclean, who attended the show and caught some footage of the celebration. “It was fun for us to watch, but I’m not too sure how the dogs and cats felt.”

The flawless models wore vivid, spring colors and dazzled at the event.

One dog was dressed as a yellow flower while another was the “pearl” inside a rolling clam. One pooch had its hair braided and another sported a pair of sneakers.

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Maclean said some of the pets froze halfway down the runway from stage fright while others were weighed down by too many decorations.

Nonetheless Maclean told Caters News that the animals were glammed from head to paw.

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