Dancing Gorilla Goes Viral Once Again as He Shows Off Incredible Dance Moves in Kiddie Pool

Zola is going viral for a second time in his life after he was filmed splashing and busting a move.

Zola the Gorilla is back, and dancing his way across the web once again.

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Zola, 14, is a western Iowland gorilla that currently resides at the Dallas Zoo. Years before, he was staying at the Calgary Zoo in Canada where his impressive dancing skills were first discovered.

Back in 2011, Zola went viral after a video showed him breakdancing in a puddle. He was seen spinning around in circles on one foot and then quickly stepping and stomping on both feet.

He has now returned to internet notoriety in a blue kiddie pool, where he has perfected his spin and adds some strategic splashes. His mouth is wide open and his arms are whirling around with his body.

The Dallas Zoo says the pool is one of the many enrichment items, devices used to better an animal's behavior, used by Zola.

Using such enrichment items allows animals like Zola to use tactics such as objects, scents, change of scenery and activities.

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And Zola is clearly enjoying the pool as he gets down with some Flashdance-inspired moves.

Zola’s dancing is simply his way of playing, a clear indication that he is comfortable, according to the zoo. 

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