Giant, 20-Pound Lobster Found in Checked Bag at Boston Airport

The TSA visually inspects lobsters that are checked in, though few are typically as hefty as this guy.

TSA officers in the Boston area may screen an assortment of items, but none as representative of New England as the lobster, one of which was found Sunday morning weighing in at 20-plus pounds, according to a Twitter post by a TSA spokesman.

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The post shows a smiling TSA agent at Logan International Airport holding the giant crustacean, which was found in a checked bag, according to reports

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Live lobsters are legally allowed to be carried on flights, according to the TSA website, which states that they "must be transported in a clear, plastic, spill-proof container," and will be visually inspected by a TSA officer.

The largest lobster ever recorded was 44 pounds, six ounces, in Nova Scotia in 1977, according to the Maine Department of Marine Resources, and was believed to possibly be about 100 years old.

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