Man Held Teen Girl Captive for More Than a Year: Cops

Michael Wysolovski, 31, was arrested and charged with holding Hailey Burns captive after her parents received a tip from a woman in Romania.

A man stands accused of kidnapping a North Carolina teen with autism, who cops say he then held captive in his home for more than a year.

Michael Wysolovski was charged Monday in a court in Georgia, where officers discovered a missing 17-year-old in his Duluth home, according to police.

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The girl, who her parents say has Asperger's Syndrome, disappeared from her Charlotte home in May 2016.

Her parents reportedly then found a diary in which the teen detailed her plan to run off with a man she'd met online.

Wysolovski, 31, was taken into custody after cops say they found the teen in his home on Saturday.

He faces charges of false imprisonment, aggravated sodomy, interference with custody and cruelty to children involving first-degree deprivation.

It was a woman in Eastern Europe who ultimately solved the case, which police had been investigating for more than one year, according to WGCL.

The victim's mother reportedly said her daughter had struck up an online friendship with a woman in Romania, who then contacted her parents on Friday night.

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The teen was located within hours. By Monday, Wysolovski was in court, where a judge denied him bond.

Wysolovski is due back in court next week for a preliminary hearing.

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