Dad Pummels Daughter's Babysitter After He Allegedly Caught Him Molesting Her: Cops

Jayson Newlun has been accused of molesting a 1-year-old girl.

A Missouri man is all black and blue in his mug shot after cops say he was assaulted by the father of a little girl he was allegedly caught molesting.

Jayson Newlun was reportedly staying with a family in Clay County when his hosts left the home and he allegedly entered a 1-year-old girl's room.

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According to court documents obtained by WFSB, Newlun is accused of then removing the girl's pants and touching her while pleasuring himself.

After no longer than 10 minutes, authorities say the parents returned unexpectedly after forgetting something at the house. That's when the mother told cops she found Newlun taking a picture of the girl and then touching her while kneeling in between her legs and also touching himself.

The mother then ran to get the girl's father, who cops say burst into the room and turned on the light before yelling at Newlun and tackling him.

Authorities say the father then attacked Newlun with a drawer from a dresser and punched him multiple times.

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Newlun was arrested June 30 and charged with first-degree statutory sodomy.

His bond has been set at $250,000 and he's due in court Friday.

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